Bringing Down the House Productions Present: Danielle Braund in

ALTERNATE ENDINGS at the 2017 Vancouver Fringe Festival. If you’re not Beyonce now, who won’t you be in five years?

Vancouver, BC – ALTERNATE ENDINGS, is a simple story of one woman who has lost the path to her inner Beyonce. Watch Danielle unravel a musically fractured psyche to find an alternate ending. This is a show full of music, anxiety, laughs, crises, acrobatic hoops and phone calls from a Mother. If it’s hard to be an artist, it’s even harder to be one hanging from a hoop.

“Is this funny? Sure- if you’re not me.” ~Danielle Braund

“Most of her friends are doctors and lawyers.” ~ Danielle’s mum

Who is Danielle Braund, and, why haven’t I heard of her?

It turns out that hiding in your boyfriend's basement and performing to stuffed animals is not the best way to build a career. So while Danielle Braund did record two albums and tour heavily between 2006 and 2013, it wasn’t until she studied comedy with The Groundlings and The Upright Citizens Brigade that she considered a funnier route. Or, at the very least, she realized that continuing in any form as a musician would require a live show with lions and tigers. While Alternate Endings lacks felines in any form, it does feature a hoop to hang from.

LISTING INFORMATION ALTERNATE ENDINGS Produced by: Bringing Down The House Productions Written by &Starring: Danielle Braund
Directed by: Jessica Lee

Run Time: 50min.
Dates & Times: September 8th to September 17th, 2017

Fri. Sept. 8th, 6pm; Sun.Sept. 10th, 9pm; Tues. Sept. 12th, 7pm;
Thurs. Sept. 14th, 10:30pm; Sat. Sept. 16th, 3pm; Sun. Sept. 17th 5:45pm

Ticket prices: $14 w/Fringe Membership Sun.Sept. 10th show is Half Price Address: PERFORMANCE WORKS
1218 Cartwright St.Vancouver, BC

Box Office: 604-762-529.

Website: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @AltEndsShow
For further media information, contact: Danielle Braund 778.251.9023